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New HQ may land on Scranton Peninsula

With roughly 80 acres of land, Cleveland’s Scranton Peninsula is practically a blank canvas for a developer to pursue their SimCity dreams along a navigable waterway in the heart of a major city. And someone has just planted a big flag on Scranton Peninsula, the largely vacated expanse of land nearly surrounded by the Cuyahoga River a mile south of Public Square.

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Ohio City mixed-use project may feature downtown ad firm

An exciting development is in the works for the Hingetown section of Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood, according to multiple sources. Although still in a preliminary stage, the development’s concept at this point involves putting the offices for a fast-growing downtown company on the lower floors of a new building with apartments on the upper floors.

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Downtown-lakefront land bridge has momentum, funding

If the city has its way, a $65 million land bridge linking Downtown Cleveland’s malls to the lakefront could soon be the centerpiece of a multi-faceted plan to enhance the area around North Coast Harbor. Developments surrounding the proposed land bridge include expansion of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Great Lakes Science Center, Cumberland Real Estate Development’s next phases as well as a multi-modal transportation center.

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Old Westinghouse plant may soon be in developer’s hands

One of the most visible historic factories in Cleveland may soon be in the hands of a developer that has a proven track record of restoring such buildings.

The former Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co. at 1200 W. 58th St. near Gordon Square in the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood is best known for its eight-story structure towering over the Westinghouse Curve of the West Shoreway (aka State Route 2) near Edgewater Park. Or, perhaps you recall the Black Widow interrogation scene from the 2012 Avengers movie that was filmed here.

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Stark’s nuCLEus has a smaller, more achievable concept

After months of speculation and rumor about a scaled-down design for Stark Enterprises’ downtown Cleveland megaproject called nuCLEus, revised conceptual site plans for the project were briefly posted on Stark’s web site earlier today. They apparently were posted in error or posted prematurely because they were since taken down. All references to nuCLEus were briefly removed from Stark’s website but since restored using an aerial graphic showing only the existing parking lot at the proposed site.

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County engineer’s Ohio City property hits the market

It’s official. Cuyahoga County has put on the market one of the most attractive properties for redevelopment in years. The former Cuyahoga County Engineer’s headquarters at the west end of the Detroit-Superior Veterans Memorial Bridge is expected to fetch the most interest by real estate developers among four sites in the county’s latest disposition of surplus properties.

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Stark Enterprises sells its HQ, but to whom? And why?

A potentially strategic property transfer in downtown Cleveland nearly slipped under the radar last week. Not only was the transfer publicly filed the Friday right before the Christmas holiday weekend, perhaps to avoid attention, but it was sold using a process that concealed the details of the transaction.

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Pop goes the West Rim

A skeptical Clevelander would look at the above map where five potential major real estate developments may rise atop the West Rim of the Cuyahoga River valley and question how many will actually get built. An optimistic Clevelander would be certain that most, if not all, will get built. And an older, lifelong Clevelander would look at that map and be amazed that there are five potential major projects at all.

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Another big investment coming to Lakewood

Over the past 30 years, Lakewood has lost more than 1,700 housing units, with only Cleveland, East Cleveland and Euclid losing more. The average age of its housing stock is the second-oldest in the county. At the same time, growing interest in traditional, walkable communities has made Lakewood a hot real estate commodity. It’s why Lakewood had the highest property value rate of increase, 22.5 percent, among all Cuyahoga County communities in 2018.

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Big developments converge on Ohio City’s Red Line station

More developments are cozying up to the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority’s. Red Line and station in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood. The scope and scale of the planned developments are unlike anything that’s been built along Cleveland’s underutilized rail transit system, outside of the downtown area and University Circle. The lack of dense developments around rail stations has a direct correlation to the usage of the rail system. But that’s starting to change.

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