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CSU looks to double its on-campus housing

Growing enrollment at Cleveland State University may soon cause visible changes to downtown Cleveland’s landscape. According to two sources close to the university, CSU is in negotiations to acquire two large apartment properties that would allow it to more than double its inventory of on-campus student housing.

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peaceful summer evening in downtown Cleveland

Cleveland works to welcome Afghanistan refugees

With Cleveland being listed by the U.S. State Department as one of 19 cities suggested for resettlement of Afghan and Iraqi refugees, numerous local organizations are ramping up efforts to attract as many as possible in light of the crisis in Afghanistan. But they need your help as soon as possible.

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Demolitions requested for Bridgeworks high-rise

Developers of Bridgeworks, a proposed 16-story tower at the northeast corner of West 25th Street and the Detroit-Superior Bridge, are seeking demolition permits for one structure, parts of another, plus parking lots and a sidewalk at the Ohio City site.

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Where will you work tomorrow?

Office spaces are appearing in some unusual places and disappearing in the places where we’d traditionally expect to find them. What will the future of the Cleveland office workplace will be like?

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Sherwin-Williams’ 2nd HQ tower may rise sooner, not later

A second-phase office tower in Sherwin-Williams’ new global headquarters complex may rise sooner rather than later. In models and on graphics, it was presented almost as an afterthought. It was a featureless box standing in downtown Cleveland at the northeast corner of West Superior Avenue and West 6th Street. Next door, the 600-footer served as a magician’s tool of misdirection, with its primary role as the global headquarters of Sherwin-Williams (SHW)

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