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Up to 1,000 HQ jobs may come to downtown Cleveland

More than 650 headquarters jobs could be on track to move to downtown Cleveland with hundreds more possible resulting from future growth. But in this instance, it’s not from the paint/coatings firm that’s known for covering the Earth. Instead, this news is about another fast-growing Greater Cleveland business that has outgrown its existing HQ.

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Ohio’s largest metros are carrying the state’s economy

When it comes to describing Ohio’s economy, there’s the 3Cs and then there’s everyone else. With a few exceptions, if you want to find a job in Ohio, the best place to look is Ohio’s three largest metropolitan areas — Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland.

Consider that, since the start of 2015, Ohio has gained 227,000 jobs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The 3Cs accounted for 216,000 of those new jobs.

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Two new jobs that could change Cleveland’s landscape forever

The creation of two jobs can change a region in a significant way. Cases in point are two medically related positions — one that was just filled and the other that was recently advertised.

Yesterday, Cleveland State University (CSU) hired a new employee that will probably be a game changer for Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. It could ultimately lead to thousands of new jobs. Yes, thousands.

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Cleveland ended the decade with a boom, and it’s showing

When John Knopfler and his spouse moved into their Tremont house where a large family had just moved out, each did what many are doing in Cleveland these days. They’re participating in the city’s Fifth Migration, bringing with it socio-economic changes unlike any experienced from the previous four migrations in the past 223 years.

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900-1800 office jobs coming to Superior Arts District downtown

Over the next couple of years, approximately 900 office jobs are due to arrive in the Superior Arts District. That number could double by the mid-2020s as two fast-growing companies are relocating their headquarters to this redeveloping area of Superior Avenue on the eastern edge of downtown Cleveland.

The new jobs would add to several hundred office workers already there.

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