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Two developments, two sides of town and redesigned, too

Two small-to-medium-sized developments on each side of town are finding new lives after they’ve been significantly redesigned. One was a purely residential development in Lakewood that shrank but added mixed use. The other was a mixed-use development in Cleveland’s Larchmere district that has become purely residential.

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Lots of good long-term economic news for Greater Cleveland

As jobs start to come back following the pandemic-related economic shutdown, there are also new jobs coming online for Greater Cleveland. These aren’t restored jobs; they are jobs resulting from economic growth in sectors that were either unaffected by the shutdown or they are structural changes from employers seeking lower-cost ways of doing business.

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NRP Group’s Scranton Peninsula project delayed but alive

The first new-construction structural project on Scranton Peninsula, NRP Group’s proposed residential complex, got slightly delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic-related shutdowns of the economy. But sources at the Cleveland-based development company say the project, which could be one of the company’s last market-rate offerings, is very much alive.

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Rezonings follow, precede waves of lakefront housing

As Cleveland City Council prepares to vote soon on rezoning more former industrial land to residential near Edgewater Park, there are fewer lakefront industrial areas on the west side. One of those may succumb to the inexorable march of residential expansion after another expected rezoning that could enable high-rise development.

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Flats West Bank high-rise plans revealed

At a meeting today of the Riverfront District Block Club, developers presented their plans for a high-rise apartment tower near the top of the hill above Flats’ West Bank. It is the first of what is likely to be more residential towers announced publicly in the near future for the West Bank.

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