Cleveland economy

Counting Cranes – predicting TMUD’s impact on Cleveland

One of the most impactful actions to boost downtown Cleveland in the New Year and beyond was made in recent weeks and months 125 miles to the south in our state capital. It culminated with Gov. Mike DeWine signing a piece of legislation last week. In a state legislature that has gained a reputation for harming Ohio’s largest urban centers, it actually helped them this time.

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Cleveland-area offices shrinking, growing, moving and uncertain

The real estate market is divided into four basic end-users — residential, hospitality, retail and office. Although the retail market has been shrinking for years, it is basically on hold during the pandemic with some exceptions. The hospitality market is pretty much in a coma but it will probably return healthy once it regains consciousness. Only the residential market has shown a great deal of resiliency throughout the pandemic.

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