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Browns add more land to Berea development site

As the Cleveland Browns and their owners continue to acquire more property this month in suburban Berea, its mayor recently teased news of their potential, still-secret development to occupy that land as an “exciting opportunity” for the community. Meanwhile the city approved the demolition of eight more houses just west of the Browns’ existing headquarters and practice facility. That’s in addition to 24 homes and a church leveled so far for what sources said would be a mixed-use development featuring a hotel, Browns- and football-themed restaurants and shops, plus sports and recreation facilities open to the public year-round.

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Haslams envision glitzy new Berea future

The owners of the Cleveland Browns are trying to keep up with the Jones’. And the Kroenkes, Spanos’ and Wilfs, too. To do that means upgrading the Browns’ football facilities. But that isn’t limited to their downtown Cleveland stadium where the team plays games each Sunday in the Fall. News has been reported for a couple of years by local media outlets that the Browns and their owners the Haslam Sports Group want to expand the pro football team’s practice facilities in the Cleveland suburb of Berea. But what hasn’t been reported until now is the scale and scope of that expansion. According to sources close to the Browns and the Haslams who spoke to NEOtrans on the condition of anonymity, the expansion is may include a hotel, restaurants, shops, conference facilities, plus indoor and outdoor fields with thousands of seats for spectators.

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Haslams envision glitzy new Berea future Read More »

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