Lakefront development project to start this winter

An updated lakefront development plan, dated Sept. 10,
2019,?was released this week by Cumberland Development
LLC with a phased development approach. It includes two
parking lots that can be re-developed if the owners of the
Cleveland Browns build a new stadium and an associated
development zone elsewhere in/near downtown Cleveland

After shedding its partner Trammel Crow Co., things are starting to move a little faster for Cumberland Development LLC. when it comes to its lakefront development project. Demolition for and construction of the lakefront project is due to start in January.

This week, Cumberland President Dick Pace released a fully updated plan (see high-res PDF here) for his lakefront development that includes timelines and phasing for new and larger buildings. The revised plan also scuttles the idea of re-using one of the two old Dock 30 port warehouses as previously proposed. Instead, both warehouses are to be demolished.

Cumberland’s plan would capitalize on growing momentum at City Hall for a “land bridge” to extend the downtown “malls” over the lakefront railroad tracks, Shoreway highway, and continue this corridor of greenspace all the way north to Lake Erie.

As proposed, a 200-foot-wide grassy public space would link downtown with its lakefront better than it has been linked since the Great Lakes Exposition of 1936-37. Because the land bridge would require demolishing the aging Amtrak station, a multi-modal transportation hub to unite rail and bus modes under one roof would need to be built. Recent plans showed a glassy transportation center west of East 9th Street.

An official rendering isn’t publicly avail-
able to portray a proposed “land bridge”
that would extend downtown’s malls
over the lakefront railroad tracks and
Shoreway. However, this is generally
how the proposed, 200-foot-wide land
bridge would look from above (Google).

And, the plan would provide two surface parking lots and on-street parking along Erieside Avenue, north of First Energy Stadium, for stadium visitors. This would provide 412 stadium parking spaces to comply with the city’s parking requirements, per its stadium lease with the Cleveland Browns.

But the parking lots are designed in such a way that one or more of them could be developed as a future phase if a parking deck was added. Or, they could be developed if Cleveland Browns owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam built a new stadium and development zone elsewhere in or near downtown by the time their existing stadium lease expires in 2029.

Cumberland has already built two buildings on the east side of North Coast Harbor — the two-story Nuevo Modern Mexican & Tequila Bar and the three-story, 16-apartment Harbor Verandas where rents range from $4,000 to $5,000 per month.

The first structure west of North Coast Harbor to rise has the working title “Residential Building 4.” Architecturally, it will look like a taller version of the Harbor Verandas. Its construction is due to start in January.

Each of the next three buildings to the west are scheduled to rise at a rate of one per year. The last one, Residential Building 1, would see construction starting in 2023 depending on the local and national economies.

Cumberland’s Harbor Verandas apartments on the east side of
North Coast Harbor reportedly offer architectural insights into
the planned quartet of mid-rise apartment buildings west of the
harbor. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and downtown’s skyline
loom behind the fully occupied Harbor Verandas (KJP).

The bases of these four residential buildings are proposed be lined with 2.5-story townhouse rental liner units. While Pace said he would prefer to offer for-sale townhouses, this development is located on land owned by the City of Cleveland and leased by Cumberland. A lease prevents him from offering for-sale units.

On the other side of the extended mall greenspace (complete with a Superman statue), the office building, hotel and STEM school are also scheduled to be built over the course of the next four years. That will also depend on the economy, the commitment of an anchor office tenant and the availability of public subsidies to offset low office rents endemic to the Cleveland market.

Here are the proposed features and characteristics for each planned building:

Residential Building 4 — Eight-story building with 115 apartments over a two-story podium base with 20 liner townhouses and 165 indoor parking spaces.

Residential Building 3 — Eight-story building with 110 apartments over a two-story podium base with 20 liner townhouses and 160 indoor parking spaces.

Residential Building 2 — Eight-story building with 100 apartments over a two-story podium base with 15 liner townhouses and 140 indoor parking spaces.

Residential Building 1 — Nine-story building with 220 apartments over a three-story podium base with 30 liner townhouses and 250 indoor parking spaces. This building can be up to 150 feet tall as it is farther away from Burke Lakefront Airport.

Hotel — Six-story, four-star hotel with 175 rooms over parking and retail base. A full-service restaurant is planned. No hotel brand has been publicly identified yet.

Office Building — 200,000 square feet of leasable space above parking podium base and retail. The height of the office building and the hotel are limited to 100 feet because they are the closest planned buildings to Burke Lakefront Airport.

STEM School — A two- to three-story school offering daycare and early education, as well as a K-8 curriculum focusing on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is proposed. But the Cleveland Metropolitan School District has yet to commit to locating here.

Signs for Cumberland’s lakefront development appear in front
of the Dock 30 warehouses on Erieside Avenue, north of First
Energy Stadium. The warehouses are scheduled to be razed
this winter to make way for new apartment buildings (KJP).

Other features are planned, in addition to the above buildings and the extension of the malls to Lake Erie. One of the saved Hulett ore unloaders is proposed to be located on the west side of the mouth of North Coast Harbor, next to the Steamship William G. Mather Maritime Museum, part of the neighboring Great Lakes Science Center. Also a playground, which has funding, is proposed to be located here.

Linking the west side of North Coast Harbor with the east side, via Voinovich Park, will be a $16.8 million pedestrian bridge. Construction of the bridge, which will raise up in the middle to allow boats to pass, is scheduled to begin in early 2020.

Lastly, construction of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum’s expansion is due to start the day after the 2021 NFL draft is held in Cleveland, in April or May. The expansion, costing $35 million, will add 50,000 square feet of space between the rock hall and science center, along the south side of North Coast Harbor.


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  1. Thanks for another great article!
    And I'm glad that this vital LAKEFRONT PROJECT is moving forward!! BUT I was really hoping for the 1,000 APARTMENTS and the two large OFFICE BUILDINGS as previously proposed.
    I understand that it's hard to find anchor tenants and FINANCING TOO….
    But there's ALWAYS HOPE that by the time they build the other phases it will be the larger project planned!!

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