State launches All Ohio Future Fund to support new development projects

Up to $750 million is available from the Ohio Department of Development to help with infrastructure costs to make potential job-producing sites ready for new development (KJP). CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE THEM.

Funding supports grassroots development of project-ready sites

Gov. Mike DeWine, Lt. Gov. Jon Husted and Ohio Department of Development Director Lydia Mihalik yesterday announced $750 million in funding is now available to assist communities with infrastructure costs to create project-ready economic development sites.

Applicants can submit site proposals for funding as part of the All Ohio Future Fund. The program is designed to attract future economic development projects in Ohio by increasing the number of project-ready sites in the state.

“To build and maintain a thriving Ohio, we are starting with significant investments in our communities,” DeWine said in a written statement. “By increasing our inventory of project-ready sites in across the state, we’re laying the foundation for widespread, sustainable development that will be felt by everyone who calls Ohio home.”

The All Ohio Future Fund is available to local government entities, including counties, cities, villages, townships, port authorities, community improvement corporations, transportation improvement districts, land banks, nonprofit organizations, and for-profit organizations willing to develop project-ready sites. Awardees will be expected to find site occupants within five years.

Eligible costs include public roadwork, water and wastewater infrastructure, design and engineering, demolition, wetland mitigation, utility gap funding, and other one-time site enhancements. All Ohio Future Fund financial resources will primarily come in the form of zero percent interest, partially forgivable loans.

The goal of the All Ohio Future Fund is make Ohio more attractive for jobs and investment (Ohio Department of Development).

“As more businesses look to create a domestic supply chain, the demand for job-ready sites is at an all-time high,” Husted added. “When it comes to making the things that America needs to live and thrive, nobody does it better than Ohio.”

The DeWine-Husted Administration created the All Ohio Future Fund in partnership with the Ohio General Assembly. Funding was made possible through the 2024-2025 biennium budget bill, House Bill 33. The Ohio Department of Development is administering the program in coordination with the Office of Budget and Management.

“Some of the world’s most innovative companies have left the Silicon Valley to build a new legacy right here in the Silicon Heartland, and we want to ensure every community has an opportunity to capitalize on this momentum,” Mihalik said.

“The resulting jobs support Ohio families, and our children and grandchildren no longer need to leave Ohio to find great career opportunities,” Husted said. “They can live their version of the American dream without ever leaving Ohio.”

Applicants can submit their proposals via email to to be eligible for the All Ohio Future Fund. Interested applicants should submit a site development proposal, or Indication of Interest (IOI), that addresses the questions and materials as presented in the IOI checklist, narrative form, and data form, available on the program webpage. Proposals will be received and awarded on a rolling basis until funding is depleted.


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