Biotech startup moving HQ to Cleveland

Durham, NC-based pharmaceutical start-up Lamassu Biotech announced today that it is moving its headquarters to Cleveland in a partnership with the Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland Clinic). CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE THEM.

Partnership with Cleveland Clinic led to move

A partnership with the Cleveland Clinic has prompted a four-year-old biotech startup to relocate its headquarters to Cleveland from Durham, NC, one of the points of the Research Triangle. However, Lamassu Pharma, LLC, has yet to identify the location of its offices. The small firm hopefully will one day grow into a force for positive change in the pharmaceutical industry.

Privately held Lamassu Pharma, doing business as Lamassu Biotech, has been making strides toward new cancer therapies that could transform oncology practices and the treatment of cancers that presently do not respond to treatment. In addition to the Cleveland Clinic, the company’s strategic partners include the Mayo Clinic as well as McGill University and the National Cancer Center, among others.

In collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic and National Institutes of Health (NIH), Lamassu recently secured a coveted grant for the development of its genetically targeted cancer therapy. Recognized with the highest award from the NIH, this therapy underscores its potential to transform oncology practices, a recognition reserved for only a select few companies.

In March, Lamassu received U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approval to initiate a Phase 1/2a clinical trial for its groundbreaking cancer treatment protocol. The trials will begin in conjunction with the Cleveland Clinic in the coming months — hence the move to Cleveland. The city of Cleveland assisted Lamassu with its move although a company press release didn’t identify how.

Lamassu’s novel therapy, developed in partnership with a major European pharmaceutical company, however unidentified, targets hard-to-treat cancers with precision. This approach holds promise for patients with limited treatment options, offering an alternative to invasive and often ineffective therapies.

Lamassu Biotech is a very small company and has been located in this Regus co-working office building in suburban Durham, NC. However it is hoped that, not only will this start-up firm offer innovative care, but it will become a contributing corporate citizen of Cleveland (Google).

“We are honored to now be a part of the business community here in Cleveland as we continue on this pioneering journey in cancer treatment,” said Dr. Gabi Hanna, CEO of Lamassu Biotech, in a written statement.

“The support and collaboration from the Cleveland Clinic, NIH, and now the city of Cleveland, will help propel our mission forward,” he added. “Together, we are committed to bringing hope and healing to patients facing challenging cancer diagnoses the world-over.”

“Cleveland continues to grow as a hub for innovation and technology,” said Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb. “We are thrilled to welcome Lamassu Biotech as they move their corporate headquarters to our city. Their decision not only enhances our community but also signifies a substantial investment in our future, solidifying Cleveland’s position as a leader in healthcare innovation on a national level.”

Lamassu’s physicians, engineers and translational scientists say they believe in the premise that accelerating treatment means saving more lives. They also contend that it is important to treat patients like they are family.

“Our goal is to speed the innovation process by bringing transformational treatments from concept to bedside faster than other companies,” Hanna said. “Lamassu’s patient-centric approach to research focuses on making advancements that address unmet needs with novel and targeted strategies, ensuring greater efficiency and shorter approval timeframes.”

With decades of experience among its staff in developing leading medical treatments, he said that it is not only the transformative power of science, but also hope that leads to healing.


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