North Coast Harbor getting $5M makeover

Crowds gather at North Coast Harbor on Labor Day weekend in 2022 to watch the Cleveland National Air Show. Work is underway to upgrade the accessibility, safety and aesthetics of North Coast Harbor with an eye toward completion by May 2025 (KJP). CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE THEM.

Accessibility, safety, aesthetics to be updated by May 2025

North Coast Harbor is set for an upgrade, with a $4.99 million investment that is a result of Mayor Justin Bibb’s Reimagining Downtown Cleveland Plan. This comprehensive project aims to create a more safe, equitable and enjoyable waterfront experience for all visitors.

The enhancements will significantly improve the safety, functionality and overall aesthetics of downtown’s lakefront. Downtown Cleveland, Inc. is responsible for managing, programming and promoting the city of Cleveland-owned properties at North Coast Harbor.

Construction began recently and is expected to finish in May 2025. Importantly, North Coast Harbor’s museums, restaurants and shops will remain open and accessible to the public throughout the project.

“Mayor Bibb’s Reimagining Downtown Cleveland Plan prioritizes connecting our lakefront to the urban core,” said Downtown Cleveland President and CEO Michael Deemer. “This investment and improved connectivity will attract visitors and solidify Downtown Cleveland as a premier destination.”

“We are excited about the updates and enhancements coming to North Coast Harbor,” said Mayor Justin M. Bibb. “This work will make an already wonderful part of our city even more sustainable, accessible and vibrant while maintaining access to the area’s many popular attractions and seasonal events.”

Some of the planned improvements at North Coast Harbor surround the expansion of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Both the expansion, shown within the dashed line, and public park improvements are underway (James Corner FO).

The project encompasses the area north of Erieside and East 9th Street, including Voinovich Park, surrounding walkways, the Great Lakes Science Center and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame where a $100 million expansion is underway. Osborn Engineering will serve as the construction consulting firm, with Allega as the prime contractor.

Throughout construction, Voinovich Park, the pedestrian bridge, the marina, the playground, the bocce courts and the volleyball courts will remain open. The parking lot will remain accessible, with small portions closed off throughout construction.

Key improvements to expect include a strengthened lakefront bulkhead. Fortification of the bulkhead around North Coast Harbor will create a safer and more weather-resistant area. Work will also enhance accessibility by resetting all existing pavers will promote improved accessibility for pedestrians.

And there will be public realm Improvements. New benches, trash cans and landscaping features will enhance the overall visitor experience. Increased safety and security is planned with the installation of bollards, a new security system and improved lighting will enhance functionality, safety and aesthetics.

Among North Coast Harbor’s green spaces, visitors enjoy panoramic urban skylines from the city’s Lake Erie waterfront. The district is home to world-class venues, including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, the Great Lakes Science Center, and the Cleveland Browns Stadium.


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