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Midtown property sale designed to spur new development

On Aug. 20, the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority’s (GCRTA) Board of Trustees is expected to approve selling a chunk of Euclid Avenue land in Midtown to a Cleveland Foundation affiliate for future development.

The sale is the latest example of intensifying interest in rejuvenating this once-vibrant neighborhood that’s been relegated to pass-through status for more than 40 years.

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University Circle’s trio of 11-story developments

Three developments featuring 11-story residential buildings are planned to rise in the coming months in Cleveland’s University Circle.
The Finch Group is proposing to build a mixed-use project called Infinium on the site of the Cleveland-East facility for the Centers for Dialysis Care (CDC), 11717 Euclid Ave., according to two sources.

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Developers discover Midtown’s other axis

Much of the rebuilding in Cleveland’s Midtown, between downtown and University Circle, has focused along the parallel east-west roadways of Euclid, Carnegie and Chester avenues. But the primary north-south axis, East 55th Street, is largely devoid of similar development activity. That’s true even where East 55th intersects Euclid, Carnegie and Chester.

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Cleveland: Nearly 40 towers planned

A remarkable building boom is under way in Greater Cleveland. Because of a strong economic recovery that’s been picking up momentum here over the past five years, there are more large building projects in the metro area now than at any time in perhaps the past 50 years.

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Leveraging the Boomtown

Cleveland’s East Side, with one big exception, is a mess. It’s got some of the worst urban poverty in the United States and is the reason for Cleveland’s #2 ranking among America’s biggest cities in terms of percentage of residents living in poverty. Only Detroit outranks Cleveland in that regard.

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Bye, Euclid Square Mall; hello Amazon?

After 40 years, Euclid Square Mall is destined to be physically replaced by the latest thing in retailing — E-commerce. The mall, having closed Sept. 19, 2016 after years of limping along with two dozen churches as its remaining tenants, is vacated and officially condemned by the city for safety violations. Euclid Square Mall had succumbed to the changing retail market and population shifts long ago.

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