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Cleveland Clinic, Fairfax seek homes, biz & opportunity


As more sections of the 3-mile, $330 million Opportunity Corridor Boulevard open, more stakeholders are pursuing real estate opportunities. That’s especially true where the first two sections have opened, from East 93rd Street north to Chester Avenue. Work is moving forward on the third and final section from East 93rd west to East 55th Street, set to open in two years.

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Circle Square plan was big, gets bigger

When Midwest Development Partners first announced its Circle Square plan five years ago, then-called University Circle City Center or UC3, it was considered bold and ambitious.

Cleveland in 2015 was still shaking off the body blows it took from the Great Recession and even from the early-2000s recession before that. But this was University Circle — Cleveland’s fastest-growing employment hub.

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University Circle is becoming Cleveland’s “other downtown” again


In a couple of years, the skyline of University Circle is going to look quite different. Not only will it be taller, but it will be more active at street level. And the economic and investment impact resulting from this booming district is spreading beyond the Euclid Avenue spine including into some long-troubled neighborhoods.

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University Circle-area housing finds new Heights

Last week, this blog reported on a $72 million dormitory project by Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) to add 600 beds to the South Residential Village at Murray Hill and Adelbert roads. This week, a private developer joined the party with a 58-unit boarding house project just up the hill.

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Cleveland Foundation acquires Midtown land for new HQ

Despite a cloud of legal action hanging over it, titles to two Midtown properties were transferred last week to the Cleveland Foundation for its proposed new headquarters. A 50,500-square-foot HQ is proposed to be the first phase of a civic and mixed-use district along both sides of Euclid Avenue and on both sides of East 66th Street led by the foundation.

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Cleveland remembers, jump-starts the Forgotten Triangle

The 1970s weren’t kind to America’s older cities. The white middle class fled from them, taking their homes and jobs to the suburbs. Left behind were low-income minorities, shuttered factories and stores, hopelessness, drugs and crime.

Cleveland suffered greatly, losing more residents in the 1970s than any other decade. But Cleveland was far from alone.

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