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Downtown residents support new way to fund transit, downtown’s growth

Downtown Cleveland Residents (DCR), a community relations board, recently voted to support a rising need for more investment in public transportation, but in an innovative way that boosts economic growth and access to opportunity. Greater Cleveland needs more of both yet funding for public transportation from riders and from all levels of government has been in decline.

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Woodhill Station apartments rendering

Woodhill Station transit-oriented development on track

All signals are green for construction of a moderately-sized apartment building across the street from the Buckeye-Woodhill light-rail transit station in Cleveland.
With financing in place, general contractor bids are due to be submitted to developer The Community Builders on Aug. 12, according to the Dodge Reports. Site preparation work could start in November but major construction activity is likely to get under way in the spring.

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Cleveland remembers, jump-starts the Forgotten Triangle

The 1970s weren’t kind to America’s older cities. The white middle class fled from them, taking their homes and jobs to the suburbs. Left behind were low-income minorities, shuttered factories and stores, hopelessness, drugs and crime.

Cleveland suffered greatly, losing more residents in the 1970s than any other decade. But Cleveland was far from alone.

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Columbus Road TOD coming into focus for Duck Island

Today, the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA) announced its staff recommendation for who should develop its Duck Island property along Columbus Road south of the Ohio City Red Line rail station. The GCRTA Board of Trustees still must decide whether to approve that recommendation. The proposed team and design may be intriguing to many.

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Transit station-area development activity paces region-Part 2

For those who keep track of new real estate developments in Greater Cleveland, they might be noticing something about the location of these developments. Where are most of the planned, proposed, under-construction and recently completed developments? If you said “within walking distance of a Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority rapid transit line” you’d be right!

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