Sherwin-Williams HQ to refine appearance

At the end of last week’s Cleveland Landmarks Commission meeting, the commission’s Secretary Donald Petit advised members to keep their schedules clear on June 3 for a special meeting with Sherwin-Williams (SHW) regarding its 616-foot-tall headquarters project in downtown Cleveland. That caught the attention of at least a few attendees.

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Bedrock’s big riverfront project is active

There is increasing evidence that Bedrock Real Estate is advancing more quickly in developing its downtown Cleveland riverfront development vision despite earlier information that it would take a longer-term approach there. There simply is more visible activity happening there compared to a site in the Gateway District where real estate investments were reportedly in planning.

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Seven proposed office towers in Cleveland? Yep, seven.

It’s a contradiction. Cleveland and the rest of the nation are in the midst of an historic office market slowdown that will likely last well into the post-pandemic era. And yet, Cleveland may be the recipient of up to seven new office towers in the next five years or so — six of those could rise downtown and one in University Circle.

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Sherwin-Williams’ HQ may alienate young talent it wants to attract

Sherwin-Williams’ (SHW) stodgy corporate culture is colliding with its desire to attract young talent. That collision is becoming more evident as the planning advances on SHW’s new global headquarters. That’s unfortunate for SHW and for Cleveland since one of the major goals SHW has for its new HQ is to attract young talent to its company and to Cleveland.

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