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Downtown Cleveland’s next big building may surprise

Among three or four residential towers and a new skyscraper for a Fortune 500 headquarters, the next big building to rise in downtown Cleveland may surprise many. It grew out of a learning process by city officials that downtown didn’t have more than 500,000 square feet of office and garage space ready-made for the needs of its police department. And a single real estate company holds the key to making a new building happen.

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Zombies say: start building a downtown Cleveland office tower soon

In the movies, zombies can’t put two words together. In Cleveland real estate development, they are sharing a subtle yet compelling message of encouragement.
Zombies in downtown Cleveland are former office buildings awaiting renovation with significant portions of them due to be converted to non-office uses, usually residential and occasionally hotel.

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The Cleveland skyscraper building-binge starts

Construction workers will begin building in August The Beacon apartment tower at Euclid Avenue and East 6th Street in downtown Cleveland. But that’s just the start. Those of us who like to see construction cranes over downtown will probably enjoy the skyline view for the next decade or so.

The reason is that the 28-story Beacon apartments by Stark Enterprises is likely to be the first of many new large buildings to rise downtown. How many is “many”? It could be as few as three or four and as numerous as 10.

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Cleveland ready to scrape the skies more

The pace of investment in America’s cities has been one of the remarkable stories since the end of the Great Recession. There are few places where that investment is more evident than in Greater Cleveland which in 2014 ranked ninth in the nation in total new construction jobs (not percentage of change).

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It’s time to stop ducking Duck Island

If it looks like a big real estate development and sounds like a big real estate development, it probably will be a big real estate development.
That’s what a spate of real estate transactions in recent months suggest for an urban enclave close to downtown that’s neither an island or named after ducks. (Some claim it’s named for criminals who used to duck and hide here from the law).

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The 2011 Cleveland Browns, a 1985 redux?

To me, NFL training camp is one of the most enjoyable occasions in pro sports. It is a time when otherwise inaccessible football players are accessible. It is when you can sit (or stand) with die-hard football fans in the scorching summer sun in Berea, dissect the repetitions of players and pretend to be a coach for a day.

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