Public Square

Death of Public Square’s parking lot

Work crews this week began pulling up asphalt pavement from the parking lot on Public Square in downtown Cleveland, ending a three-decade use that some urbanists considered an embarrassment to the city. It is the last of three project component sites to see construction start for the new Sherwin-Williams (SHW) headquarters. Work is now occurring on each of the three sites simultaneously with a eye toward completion in late-2024.

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Bedrock: downtown streetscapes coming

Cleveland was once called the “Forest City” because of its many large, healthy trees along its major thoroughfares. One would never know that today after 150 years of industrialization and then neglect in the city’s post-industrial era. Now, there are many parts of the city that are devoid of mature trees, notably downtown where the lack of vegetation makes the central business feel hotter in summer and more windy in winter. But Bedrock Real Estate of Detroit has released plans to make downtown sidewalks more hospitable, or at least those fronting its own properties in the city’s urban core.

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Sherwin-Williams HQ to rise in August

Although the new Sherwin-Williams (SHW) headquarters has been under construction since Nov. 29, 2021, the only evidence of it that passersby could see are several mobile cranes making their way around the site. That’s going to continue to be the case for another two months, according to SHW officials.

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Bedrock to make Tower City renovations

Bedrock Real Estate is making small improvements to Tower City Center in effort to attract more retail and other commercial tenants, but a much larger, promised makeover to the downtown Cleveland railroad station-turned-shopping mall has yet to be announced.

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Public Square’s north side may be artists’ canvas

Two significant art installations could turn the north side of downtown Cleveland’s Public Square into a bright, uplifting and active canvas. The canvas would be two historic buildings that may come alive with stories about Cleveland using not only imagery, but also light and sound on select nights.

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