Warehouse District

Rockefeller garage demolition opens door for major development

Shortly before Cleveland Landmarks Commission approved the renovation of the neglected 116-year-old Rockefeller Building, it unanimously allowed the demolition of the century-old garage behind it. The potentially dynamic combination of those two actions received only a brief mention during today’s commission hearing.

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Sherwin-Williams’ HQ may alienate young talent it wants to attract

Sherwin-Williams’ (SHW) stodgy corporate culture is colliding with its desire to attract young talent. That collision is becoming more evident as the planning advances on SHW’s new global headquarters. That’s unfortunate for SHW and for Cleveland since one of the major goals SHW has for its new HQ is to attract young talent to its company and to Cleveland.

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Warehouse District building conversion to start

It’s been three decades in the making but redevelopment work is finally about to begin at the Liberty Textiles Building, 1277 W. 6th St. in downtown Cleveland’s Warehouse District. The possibility of a planned, larger building rising on the parking lot next door is less certain, however.

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