The fate of East Cleveland

In the 1950s, after my mother Edith March Prendergast divorced her first husband, she moved herself and her two boys to Greater Cleveland to be near family. After a brief stay at the Alcazar Hotel, she settled at the south end of Glenmont Avenue in Cleveland Heights. Then she moved to the north end of Glenmont which is in East Cleveland. There, she, Dale and Dean stayed until the early 1960s when she married my father James and moved into his home in Lyndhurst.

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West 117th’s fast-food makeover

The sites of three fast-food restaurants in a short stretch of the Cleveland side of West 117th Street are about to get a new look. But only one of them isn’t going to be slinging its quick, cheap chow anymore. The other two will continue to offer fast food and to make it easy, if not easier to grab the grub and go without having to get out of your car. And all three sites will continue the practice of building single-use structures along a busy thoroughfare whose car-dependent land-use patterns have more in common with outer suburbia than being in the midst of one of Greater Cleveland’s most densely populated areas.

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Centennial project downtown wins $15m HUD loan

The Centennial, one of downtown Cleveland’s most complicated, expensive and elusive redevelopment projects, got another sign that it is very much alive by winning a $15 million loan guarantee from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The financial assistance will be provided through HUD’s Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program and will be used to help finance the nearly half-billion-dollar conversion of the former Huntington Building, 925 Euclid Ave., from mostly offices into primarily a residential property.

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