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Why does Circle Square get love and nuCLEus doesn’t?

Two births were noted in 2014. Ideas for a pair of major urban core real estate developments in Cleveland — nuCLEus and Circle Square — were set into motion, leading to much excitement and debate by everyone from urbanistas to media to fellow developers to elected officials.

Since those births six years ago, neither project has turned a shovel of dirt for new construction. Yet nuCLEus gets publicly criticized and doubted while Circle Square doesn’t. Is that fair? Let’s take a look at that….

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Little Italy demolition OK’d, development plan tabled

It’s not Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa, but La Barberia University Spa, 12115 Mayfield Rd. in Cleveland’s Little Italy, has an obvious eastward lean to it. In fact, the only things keeping the 126-plus-year-old building from tipping into the Tavern of Little Italy next door are some support posts and an enclosure for an automated teller machine.

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Clinic razing historic ORCA House with ‘no plans’ for the site

Demolition crews hired by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation appeared this week along Chester Avenue between East 89th and 90th streets to begin tearing down three solid structures with a long history of charitable service in the city.

The structures — including two historic, converted houses — were part of the ORCA House’s rehabilitation center for adults suffering from addictions. The demolitions appeared to be a rush job, even though a Cleveland Clinic spokesperson said the large health care system has no plans for developing the property.

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