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Cleveland is rising up in the O-Zone

Last week I sat in a small conference room with nearly a dozen real estate developers and investors planning a cool new project in Cleveland’s urban core. I was there to add my two cents on a transportation access component of that project. Seated in the corner of…
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Developers discover Midtown’s other axis

Much of the rebuilding in Cleveland’s Midtown, between downtown and University Circle, has focused along the parallel east-west roadways of Euclid, Carnegie and Chester avenues. But the primary north-south axis, East 55th Street, is largely devoid of similar development activity. That’s true even where East 55th intersects Euclid,…
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Hingetown, Cleveland’s hottest development hotbed

Hingetown, that little enclave within a neighborhood within a city seemingly couldn’t be growing any faster than already it is. No matter where you stand in Hingetown these days, you’re either standing next to a 21st-century real estate development, across the street from one or you can see…
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New county jails proposed as UC-area high-rises!

Instead of seeking to develop high-rise, quality, affordable housing near rapid transit stations along the Opportunity Corridor, community development corporations are vying for Cuyahoga County’s proposed consolidated jail facility.
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USL Cleveland soccer stadium site chosen

For 30 years, a forlorn spit of land south of the Inner Belt highway in downtown Cleveland has been eyeballed by different people for different types of sports stadiums. Now, the latest and perhaps most realistic stadium effort has reportedly targeted land owned by the ODOT for a 5,000-plus-seat…
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Ohio City manufacturer bucks housing trend

A stretch of Detroit Avenue in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood, once known as Mariners’ Row for its many boat dealers and boating stores, is quickly becoming home to a number of mid-rise apartment buildings. From The Quarter, Federal Knitting Mills, Mariner’s Watch, Edge 32, to the latest and…
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