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Cleveland’s urban core only starting to reawaken

To anyone who follows real estate development news closely, you are allowed to be surprised by the scale and intensity of development occurring in the cores of our largest cities. And one of the biggest turnarounds anywhere in the USA is occurring in Cleveland.
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It’s time to stop ducking Duck Island

If it looks like a big real estate development and sounds like a big real estate development, it probably will be a big real estate development. That’s what a spate of real estate transactions in recent months suggest for an urban enclave close to downtown that’s neither an island…
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Enhance Clifton starts Sept 13, merchants fear traffic detours

Now that contractors were chosen for $25 million worth of transit and pedestrian enhancements to Clifton Boulevard, a formal groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for Sept. 13. But after the West Shoreway was closed for two weeks this past summer for the filming of Captain America, Clifton’s merchants want…

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America’s first Interstate to be abandoned – when and where?

Sometime in the next 5-15 years, a remarkable event could occur. The first section of Interstate or interstate-quality highway will be abandoned somewhere in this country due to a lack of funds. It will probably be a short, lightly used section of road with a decaying, expensive bridge in…
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The 2011 Cleveland Browns, a 1985 redux?

To me, NFL training camp is one of the most enjoyable occasions in pro sports. It is a time when otherwise inaccessible football players are accessible. It is when you can sit (or stand) with die-hard football fans in the scorching summer sun in Berea, dissect the repetitions…
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