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Investors pump up height of planned Cleveland skyscraper

Upon opening Realife Real Estate Group’s Web site, a video begins to roll. The video is from a drone coming in low from the west, soaring above downtown Cleveland’s Warehouse District. And it is not a coincidence that the first parking crater it passes over is the multi-parcel…
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Demolition for NuCLEus to start by mid-August

Two sources confirm that demolition is slated to begin by mid-August for the nuCLEus development in downtown Cleveland. While there is no news yet of a groundbreaking date for the $354 million development led by Stark Enterprises, most signals appear to be green for building the mixed-use project….
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Seeds & Sprouts III – Early intel on real estate projects

This is the third edition of Seeds & Sprouts – Early intelligence on Cleveland-area real estate projects. Because these projects are very early in their process of development or just a long-range plan, a lot can and probably will change their final shape, use and outcome. After completion…

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NuCLEus gets financing, possible August groundbreaking

To paraphrase Mark Twain, the reports of the nuCLEus development stalling were greatly short-lived. For those of us who welcome investment in downtown Cleveland, we’re grateful for the news. Just last week, sources said all signs indicated that the $354 million project to build two 24-story towers between Prospect…
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Seeking opportunity in the Opportunity Corridor

This week I took a tour of the completed portion of the Opportunity Corridor, a project whose side mission is to change land use and turn dirt in a part of the city where the dirt hasn’t been turned in a very long time.
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