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City Club Apartments tower sees delays

A 23-story apartment tower proposed to rise on Euclid Avenue in downtown Cleveland has seen potential groundbreaking dates come and go, delayed by several factors. While most of the factors are largely beyond the control of Farmington Hills, MI-based City Club Apartments (CCA), some of the delays are…
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Public Square’s north side may be artists’ canvas

Two significant art installations could turn the north side of downtown Cleveland’s Public Square into a bright, uplifting and active canvas. The canvas would be two historic buildings that may come alive with stories about Cleveland using not only imagery, but also light and sound on select nights.
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Kalina House gets early OK for Fairfax site

Kalina House is proposed to help people transition to a new life after suffering the loss of limbs. Making that transition means finding new housing, learning how to move around, and be independent takes an enormous effort. Kalina House is the place where that journey will begin.
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Photos, details of Sherwin-Williams’ new HQ interiors

Bright, open and modern office spaces are what await Sherwin-Williams employees at their new headquarters tower west of Cleveland’s Public Square. Features like this semi-circular video conference booth mix collaboration and tech-nology, a stark difference compared to SHW’s antiquated, existing HQ
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Cleveland tops in U.S. for best home-buying power

Moving to Cleveland from ‘superstar’ cities has saved new arrivals an average of nearly $200,000 in the value of their housing, a new analysis shows. That’s one result of the Great Reshuffling that’s allowing people to get more bang for their buck by working remotely in amenity-laden cities…
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