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Cleveland remembers, jump-starts the Forgotten Triangle

The 1970s weren’t kind to America’s older cities. The white middle class fled from them, taking their homes and jobs to the suburbs. Left behind were low-income minorities, shuttered factories and stores, hopelessness, drugs and crime. Cleveland suffered greatly, losing more residents in the 1970s than any other decade….
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Cleveland’s first Modernist tower to be remodeled

As owner Optima Management Group describes their property, 55 Public Square is a “Class B office building in a Class A location.” That location is about to get even valuable with a planned $73.6 million remodeling of the former headquarters of The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co., now a part…
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900-1800 office jobs coming to Superior Arts District downtown

Over the next couple of years, approximately 900 office jobs are due to arrive in the Superior Arts District. That number could double by the mid-2020s as two fast-growing companies are relocating their headquarters to this redeveloping area of Superior Avenue on the eastern edge of downtown Cleveland. The…
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