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Two new jobs that could change Cleveland’s landscape forever

The creation of two jobs can change a region in a significant way. Cases in point are two medically related positions — one that was just filled and the other that was recently advertised. Yesterday, Cleveland State University (CSU) hired a new employee that will probably be a game…
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Ohio real estate megaproject tax credit may advance in February

Legislation that would aid Ohio real estate megaprojects and create thousands of jobs could advance in the Ohio House of Representatives next month, according to a spokesman for State Rep. Paul Zeltwanger, chair of the House’s Workforce & Economic Development Committee.
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Two more apartment buildings coming to Battery Park

As first reported here at NEOtrans last month, a Columbus developer is pursuing its first Cleveland real estate project in the Battery Park section of the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood. The site is south of Edgewater Park and north of Gordon Square along West 70th and 73rd streets.
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