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How the Coronavirus is affecting construction in Cleveland

UPDATED MARCH 16, 2020 As successful investor Warren Buffet says, “Be greedy when others are fearful.” So are Greater Cleveland’s real estate developers fearful or greedy as Ohio and the country goes into Coronavirus emergency? And what might be the long-term implications of the pandemic on pending real estate developments?
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Seeds & Sprouts V – Early intel on real estate projects

This is the Fifth edition of Seeds & Sprouts – Early intelligence on Cleveland-area real estate projects. Because these projects are very early in their process of development or just a long-range plan, a lot can and probably will change their final shape, use and outcome.
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Cleveland Clinic, Fairfax seek homes, biz & opportunity

UPDATED MARCH 11, 2020 As more sections of the 3-mile, $330 million Opportunity Corridor Boulevard open, more stakeholders are pursuing real estate opportunities. That’s especially true where the first two sections have opened, from East 93rd Street north to Chester Avenue. Work is moving forward on the third and…
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Tremont Lincoln Heights plan shows change is coming

UPDATED MARCH 4, 2019 A development vision for the south-western part of Tremont called Lincoln Heights won unanimous support Monday from its immediate community. Now, that conceptual vision is headed to City Planning Commission on Friday for its possible adoption.
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