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Sherwin-Williams HQ+R&D will be in downtown Cleveland

Not only will Sherwin-Williams’ new headquarters plus research and development facilities be located in downtown Cleveland, but the coatings giant also has chosen its construction manager, learned the amount of its public incentives package and set its deadline for announcing its HQ+R&D site.
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Sherwin-Williams HQ and CEO are finding new homes

If you were the chief executive officer of a major corporation that is about to build a new global headquarters in a new location, would you build a brand-new mansion for your primary residence right now? And if you did, where would you build it? Chances are, you’d probably…
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Rebuilding Cleveland’s CBD office supply

A decaying, aging hulk of a building in or near downtown today could be tomorrow’s next premier, Class A office space. Why? Because that’s the most economical way that new office space can be added to Cleveland’s Central Business District (CBD).
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Shaping up Sherwin-Williams new HQ, R&D facilities

For those of us who were expecting Sherwin-Williams’ (SHW) new global corporate headquarters plus research and development facility to be Cleveland’s newest, tallest skyscraper, we may be disappointed. That’s more of a statement of about what the new HQ+R&D might look like than where it might be built.
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Future of two idled Cleveland-area Ford plants looks electric

Since spring, Greater Clevelanders have been hearing that the sale and reactivation of two massive, idled auto plants in the area to a single buyer will be a “game-changer” for the economy of this region. There were more than 15 potential buyers with many showing interest in reusing…
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