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Stadium sites are as much about development

It’s still early in the game, but a few sites in downtown Cleveland are being considered by the Haslam family, owners of the Cleveland Browns, for a large, stadium-oriented development zone. The planning process is just getting underway with an eye toward 2029 — the year the team’s…
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$175 million Market Square development gets new life

Like a tree at risk of getting chopped down, a $175 million development in the heart of Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood was in danger of being felled. But instead of hearing the cry “Timber!” Clevelanders should soon see a new plan released for the construction of buildings here.
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Sherwin-Williams finally admits new HQ, R&D site search

After months of denials, Sherwin-Williams (SHW) finally has acknowledged publicly and officially that it is seeking a new home for its global headquarters and research-development facilities. In a press release shared today, SHW Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John G. Morikis admitted what has been reported here at NEOtrans…
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NuCLEus may be on hold for years

The latest word on the proposed $350 million nuCLEus development is that its partnership appears to be waiting on the Ohio General Assembly’s passage of a new financial incentive. That’s according to a source with the City of Cleveland. Others in the real estate investment community confirm that…
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Sherwin-Williams HQ, R&D sites identified

A high-level source has identified that the Jacobs Group-owned lot on the west side of Cleveland’s Public Square, as well as a portion of the neighboring Weston Group-owned parking lots in the Superblock, are the favored location for Sherwin-Williams (SHW) new headquarters tower. And it is the preferred…
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