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City Block project at Tower City faces challenges post-SHW

One of the downtown properties in the running for Sherwin-Williams (SHW) headquarters plus research and development (HQ+R&D) facilities was Bedrock Cleveland’s Tower City Center. But when SHW chose to put its HQ elsewhere downtown and its R&D facilities in Brecksville, Bedrock lost out on landing a major anchor tenant…
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Fulton Road deadzone to be enlivened by trails, rails & housing

ARTICLE UPDATED ON FEB. 25, 2020 Between Cleveland’s growing Ohio City and Clark-Fulton neighorhoods is a deadzone of railroad tracks, a 10-lane Interstate highway, scrap recycling businesses and two historic cemeteries. But efforts are gearing up to pump new life into this area.
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Building for-sale housing in downtown Cleveland is a test

Developers are facing tests and building tests as they try to address the long-standing lack of for-sale housing in downtown Cleveland. To address that shortcoming in this local and national market, developers and investors have endured a test of wills and finances.
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Burke Lakefront Airport ready for take off

When closet urban planners consider open land for development in Cleveland, their attention often is directed at Burke Lakefront Airport. That isn’t the only thing they direct at Burke. They also direct ridicule, scorn and even outright hatred for that 450-acre plot of former lakefront landfill that opened…
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